Football: Taylor hints at Gascoigne's problems

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A DISPIRITED England party left for the United States yesterday without Paul Gascoigne, whose international and club future with Lazio is in doubt, writes Norman Fox. Following euphemistic remarks by the England manager, Graham Taylor, about Gascoigne's 'refuelling' between matches, the Lazio manager, Dino Zoff, said he was satisfied with the player's condition and did not believe there was a problem over beer consumption. However, speculation in Italy yesterday suggested that Zoff was simply attempting to ensure that the club's capital investment in Gascoigne ( pounds 5.5m) was not being eroded by Taylor's criticism.

Taylor said yesterday: 'I cannot bring myself to publicly record what all of his problems are otherwise all Hell would break loose, and what I find difficult is that there are people who know but want me or someone else to say it for them, and I will not go all of the way down that line.' Zoff insists that bearing in mind Gascoigne has had a serious leg injury and gone to play abroad, Taylor expects too much. Taylor says he will assess the situation in the autumn, though if England fail in the United States, by then he may no longer be manager.