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Your chance to reclaim the game
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NEXT WEEK sees the official launch of a national umbrella group for football supporters which aims to bring together more than 100 different fans' groups with the common aim of having a say in how the game is run.

The first official meeting of the Coalition of Football Supporters (CLFS) will take place on Thursday, 12 August, at 11.30am, at Birkbeck College, London. Ostensibly a media launch, fans are also welcome to attend. Contact the Football Supporters' Association (details below) for more information.

SHOULD MANCHESTER UNITED disregard the will of their fans and pull out of the FA Cup? Why are tickets so expensive and allowed to rise way beyond inflation every year? Who monitors those in control of the game to make sure they're acting in the interests of everyone who plays and watches? Why are fans not allowed a say in the running of most clubs until they've nearly gone bust? What can be done to reduce the wealth gap between the richest and poorest in the game? Does football need an independent regulator? Fan Power will look at these issues each week and give you a chance to voice your concerns.

Contact the FSA

Address: PO Box 11, Liverpool, L26 1XP

Telephone: 0151 737 2385