Football: The word from Rome

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We played the Italians at their own game. They are very good at diving, cheating, trying to waste time. Paul Gascoigne reveals the secret of England's success.

He looked like a pint of Guinness running around in the second half. Gascoigne describes Paul Ince's bandaged head.

I look like a black Terry Butcher at the moment. I didn't want the bandage on because I thought I'd look silly. But I don't care now Paul Ince, England's Captain Courageous.

He's almost there, I had nine! Terry Butcher, England's blood-stained captain of eight years ago, remains three stitches ahead of Ince.

It was pretty mean out there at times. David Beckham on the rough house in Rome in which the Italians picked up seven yellow cards.

I'm extremely proud of every one of the players. I'm proud for the nation as well. Glenn Hoddle, the England coach, takes pride in a job well done.

It was like a dream and I think my heart was pretty close to stopping because I thought it was in the net. Hoddle on the Christian Vieri header in the dying seconds.

The ref was absolutely magnificent. It is the fairest performance I have seen from a referee for years. He needs to be praised to the hilt. Hoddle on the Dutch referee Mario van der Ende.

They've become a great side. They've got a great physical presence in midfield, technically accomplished players like David Beckham and Teddy Sheringham and a defence made up of towers. It's a great combination. Cesare Maldini, Italy's crestfallen coach, wishes that he was English.

Let's not forget that this is a team that was born to suffer. We suffered with [former coach Arrigo] Sacchi, and now we're suffering with Maldini. Antonio Benarrivo, the Italian defender, sums up the feelings of the players.