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Esteban Fuertes (forward) Colon de Santa Fe (Arg) to Derby (pounds 2.3m); Nordin Wooter (forward) Real Zaragoza (Sp) to Watford (pounds 950,000); Larus Sigurdsson (defender) Stoke to West Bromwich (pounds 300,000); Dean Gorre (midfielder) Ajax (Hol) to Huddersfield (pounds 300,000); Danny Laws (forward) Weymouth to Exeter (pounds 35,000); Andy Townsend (midfielder) Middlesbrough to West Bromwich; Ludovic Pollet (defender) Le Havre (Fr) to Wolves; Mikhail Kavelashvili (forward) Manchester City to FC Zurich (Swit); Andy Smith (forward) Ballyclare Comrades to Sheffield Utd; Kwami Hodouto (defender) Auxerre to Huddersfield; Darren Ferguson (midfielder) Wolves to Wrexham; Sam Shilton (midfielder) Coventry to Hartlepool; Goran Milosavijevic (midfielder) Montelimar (Fr) to Chester.


Carlton Palmer (midfielder) Nottingham Forest to Coventry; Darren Byfield (forward) Cambridge Utd to Aston Villa; Gavin Holligan (forward) Leyton Orient West Ham; Shane Bradley (forward) Southampton to Exeter; Mark Prudhoe (goalkeeper) Darlington to Bradford City Juninho (midfielder) Atletico Madrid to Middlesbrough; Tony Vaughan (defender) Manchester City to Cardiff; Danny Hockton (forward) Millwall to Leyton Orient; Andy Morris (forward) Rochdale to Scarborough; Alex Mathie (forward) Dundee Utd to Preston; Alan Fettis (goalkeeper) Blackburn to Leicester; Paul Wheatcroft (forward) and Ian Fitzpatrick (forward) both Manchester Utd to FC Fortune (SA); Lee Todd (defender) Bradford City to Walsall; Charlie Miller (midfielder) Rangers to Watford (trial); Lucas Comineli (midfielder) Granada (Sp) to Newcastle (trial); Adam Rachel (goalkeeper) Aston Villa to Scunthorpe (trial); Mike Turner (forward) Barnsley to Scunthorpe (trial); Scott Taylor (midfielder) Leicester to Wolves (trial); Kofi Mensah (defender) Ajax to West Ham (trial); John Veldman (defender) Vitesse Arnhem (Neth) to West Ham (trial).