Football: Uefa's pointer

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UEFA decided in Manchester yesterday to award three points for a win in the European Championship qualifiers. But it will wait to see what effect the decision has during the qualifying series and at this year's World Cup finals before deciding whether to use the same system for the 1996 finals.

England will take on the Republic of Ireland in the European Championship Under-21 tournament; as hosts for the senior event, England were exempt. England's Under-21s are in Group Six, where they will also play Portugal, Austria and Latvia. Northern Ireland and Liechtenstein do not have sides.

The German federation president, Egidius Braun, said yesterday the Germany-England friendly would go ahead on 20 April despite fears of disruption by right-wing extremists celebrating Hitler's birthday. 'I don't like the idea of 300 troublemakers hijacking the event,' he said.

1996 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS' SCHEDULE: 8 June: Wembley (Group A games). 9 June: Elland Road (B); Old Trafford (C); Hillsborough (D). 10 June: Villa Park (A); St James' Park, Newcastle (B). 11 June: Anfield (C); City Ground, Nottingham (D). 13 June: Villa Park; St James' Park. 14 June: Anfield; City Ground. 15 June: Wembley; Elland Road. 16 June: Old Trafford; Hillsborough. 18 June: Villa Park; St James' Park; Wembley; Elland Road. 19 June: Anfield; City Ground; Old Trafford; Hillsborough. Quarter-finals: 22 June: Anfield; Wembley. 23 June: Old Trafford; Villa Park. Semi-finals: 26 June: Old Trafford; Wembley. Final: 30 June: Wembley.