Football: World Cup: Argentina 1 Japan 0

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Goals: Batistuta 28

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0

Corners: 4

Offside: 4

Free-kicks (against): 25

Coach: Daniel Passarella

Goals: 0

Yellow cards: 3 (Ihara, Nakanishi, Hirano)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 6

Offside: 2

Free-kicks (against): 37

Coach: Takeshi Okada

Running commentary

5 min: Nakata's floated free-kick causes confusion among Argentine defenders.

7 min: Five-man Japanese move emphasises their confidence and Argentina's nervous start.

10 min: Soma's header from slightly offside position again puts defence under pressure.

15 min: Argentina's first positive shot, from Lopez, flies wide.

20 min: Confident Nakata bends free-kick wide.

22 min: Argentina's first corner fails.

25 min: Good safe handling by Japan keeper.

26 min: Yellow card for Ihara (foul on Ortega).

27 min: Argentina undeservedly take lead. Ball bounces off Nanami to Batistuta who places in careful shot.

37 min: Batistuta stretches to meet cross. Heads against post. Ball rebounds to Lopez. Shot well held by Kawaguchi.

44 min: Ortega wriggles through three tackles but solidly blocked by good covering.

55 min: Nakata breaks through midfield but wastes shooting chance.

61 min: Balbo brought on to support Batistuta.

67 min: Yellow card for Nakanishi (rugged tackle on Ortega).

69 min: Excellent save by Kawaguchi from Simeone as Argentina maintain long period of pressure.

72 min: Sensini off after painful finger injury when hit by ball.

76 min: Nakata again plays clever through ball. Narahashi slices careless shot away from danger.

77 min: Tired Japan let Batistuta clean through. Hits post but called back for offside.

82 min: Akita almost brings Japan joy. Header from close in slides tantalisingly past post.

89 min: Japan almost equalise as Nakanishi's cross is hit by substitute Lopes. Ball deflects for corner.

91 min: Yellow card for Hirano (foul on Zanetti).