Ashley Cole is mocked by Roma captain Francesco Totti during official team photo

Cole caused an internet storm after awkward photo with new team-mates

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Roma club captain Francesco Totti has made a brilliant mockery of his new team-mate Ashley Cole.

The former England and Chelsea defender caused a storm earlier this week when he was pictured lurking awkwardly during a team photo posted by his new club.

Images of Ashley Cole lurking went viral, with the 33-year-old even joining in on the fun by responding to some of the best ones, including a picture of him looking through the window at his ex-wife Cheryl with her new husband.

But Totti has further added to Cole's embarrassment, photo (above) via @davcoppo, by recreating the pose during a session for the official team photo.

Cole is seen standing in the front row (third from left) as the veteran Totti takes a step away from the group.

Ashley Cole with his new team-mates


When the picture originally emerged, social networks and photoshoppers quickly moved into gear to embarrass Cole.

It is not yet known whether Cole knows about the pose.