Lionel Messi displays outrageously good skill on Japanese TV

Barcelona superstar kicks the ball almost 60ft in the air and controls it

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Lionel Messi is either the best or the second best player in the world, depending on who one might be talking to.

To be that good you have to have some pretty outrageous skill in your locker and the superstar has proved that time and again with both Barcelona and Argentina.

The 27-year-old, who has ended speculation of a huge money move to Chelsea or Paris Saint-Germain by committing his future to Barcelona, has been brilliant again this season, with 23 goals in 22 games so far this season.

What you rarely get to see, however, is the likes of Messi showing off just the kind of circus act skill the very best players are capable of - thankfully Japanese TV has given us just that.

For an unknown reason, a crane lifts a barrier 60ft (18m) into the air. Messi then juggles the ball a couple of time and launches it all the way over the barrier, before judging the flight of the ball and bringing it under control in a couple of touches.

The video is worth watching for the reaction of the commentator alone.

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