Roberto Mancini keeps getting hit in the face by his own players

Video: Internazionale players are sending their manager a hard-hitting message

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It was meant to be the great home-coming of one of Inter Milan's legendary managers when Robert Mancini rejoined Internazionale last year.

 Yet the former Manchester City boss seems to either being unfairly targeted by bullying players or being reintroduced to the Milanese way of life via a hard-hitting hazing process.

In the space of a few days, the Inter Milan boss has been struck in the face with a football two times – and both were from balls kicked by one of his own players.

The Italian manager picked up his first home win with the Nerazzurri on Sunday since his return to the San Siro but the highlight was clearly the moment he got the ball kicked in his face.

It was at 67 minutes when Inter Milan captain Marco Andreolli kicked the ball out for a free kick and accidentally hit his own manager, making him fall in an amazingly comic fashion.

Of course, in typically smooth Mancini-style, he immediately got up and laughed it off.

However, the joke may be wearing thin after a second hit in three days, this time during a training session on Tuesday. Mancini was hit right in the kicker by Zdravko Kuzmanovic, making the Italian fall to the ground once more clutching his face.

His rolling around on the ground would make any winner of the Fallon d'Floor proud.

Sometimes it's tough being the boss.

Mancini rejoined Inter last November having managed the club between 2004 and 2008, winning three Serie A titles in a row after finishing third in his first season in charge. He also won the Coppa Italia twice before his move to City.