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German fans forced to shelve 'Choreos'

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In recent years, German football fans have been lauded for their displays of support in the Champions League. They are consistently loud, imaginative and incredibly organised - leading to spectacular displays like those seen in the quarter-final first leg against Malaga at the Westfalenstadion (watch below)...


Yet health and safety rules at Wembley threaten to tone down that show of support when Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich meet this weekend.

Borussia Dortmund fans, known as the 'Yellow Wall', had been planning to unfurl a giant banner and pass it from the level one seats to the corporate section in level two. While Wembley said they have tried to accommodate the requests from fans, they were unable to guarantee those in level two, where the 'Uefa family' will sit, would take part in the display. As such, it was deemed the choreography would breach health and safety conditions and was ruled out.

As a result, Dortmund fans will not have any large scale displays at Wembley, while Bayern are planning only a small-scale one.

Organised displays, known as 'Choreos', are common in German football with fans working on them for weeks, often without the help of the clubs. Showcasing them prior to games is a source of pride for fans, hence the reaction of Dortmund fan group The Unity.

"We are unbelievably sorry that in this great moment, the highlight for so many, we cannot put forward a 'choreo' and we are frustrated beyond measure that Uefa makes it basically impossible for us to provide the Champions League final with a worthy setting," The Unity said.

Bayern Munich fans have also expressed their disappointment.

"By rational measures we would have called our planned 'choreo' off by now," the Club 12 statement read. "However, a final like this can stop the rational parts of the brain from working, as shown in the ticket prices paid."

The German sides meet at Wembley this Saturday.