Arsenal vs Aston Villa: FA Cup Final tickets blasted in to space, land in Kent, claimed by grandmother

Fans desperate seeking tickets are tracking the whereabouts of the tickets

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Arsenal and Aston Villa fans seeking tickets for this Saturday's FA Cup Final should have been looking to the skies this morning, with a pair dropping to Earth from space earlier today.

To celebrate "the adventure of the Cup", the Football Association decided to send a couple of tickets to the show-piece at Wembley out of the atmosphere.

At 6am this morning, they lifted off from Wembley, attached to a balloon.

The balloon then exploded at around 7am at a height of 29km with the tickets descending back to Earth.

The launch of the tickets

The tickets take off

With demand for tickets desperate, Arsenal and Aston Villa fans had been tracking them using GPS. At 7am they were traced over Tonbridge, then at 9.31am the FA reported that the tickets had landed in a village called Broad Oak in Kent.


They have since been claimed, by a 19 year-old Arsenal fan's grandmother.

As well as the pair of tickets, the winners gets to be pitch-side pre-match and have their photo taken of the trophy.