Russell Crowe 'Leeds takeover' latest: Hollywood actor 'getting impatient'

The Gladiator actor is a life long fan of the Yorkshire club

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Russell Crowe has managed to spark fresh speculation he could move to buy Championship side Leeds United.

The star of such films as Gladiator and Noah is a lifelong fan of the Yorkshire club and has been speaking publicly again about the club.

The suggestions he could takeover started after he recently asked his 1.68million followers on Twitter whether he should buy up the Elland Road side after a plea from a supporter.

Speaking to BBC Five Live, Crowe did little to quell such talk as he revealed he was frustrated at the club's failure to get back into the Premier League.

"I love the club. I want nothing but success for the club. But like many other Leeds fans – and probably in fact 99.9 per cent – I’m getting a little impatient, you know?

"Some of your listeners may not know that I own a rugby league team in Australia which, again, is my childhood team and they were a champion team when I was younger.

"Then they’d fallen in to a state of disarray and they were perennial losers. So, nine years ago, I put my cheque book where my mouth is and bought the club."

A view of Elland Road


He added during his interview on Simon Mayo's radio show: "I have learnt a lot in nine years – it would give me nothing but pleasure to see that white army marching on together, getting back in the Premiership and being where they should be."

Leeds currently lie 14th in the Championship.