Arjen Robben dive: Fight Club's Edward Norton and Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul condemn the winger's controversial act

The incident occurred in injury time against Mexico

Arjen Robben's 'dive' for the late penalty against Mexico in the last 16 contest on Sunday has caused outrage all around the world, from the favelas in Brazil to the Hollywood hills, with actors Aaron Paul and Edward Norton condemning the Netherlands winger.

Norton, star of Fight Club and American History X, tweeted that Robben "deserved an Oscar" for his controversial act.

This statement was echoed by Paul, or Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, as he is more commonly known, who wrote that the Bayern Munich player went down without any contact.

Robben reportedly apologised afterwards for diving in the match, but stated that the incident which won the 94th-minute penalty and riled Norton and Paul was a "clear foul".


The Netherlands are next in action against Costa Rica in the quarter-final in Salvador on Saturday.