Asda's wearable England flag for World Cup 'looks like KKK outfit'

'It's just a flag with a hood', says supermarket

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Asda seems to have scored an own goal with a “wearable England flag” launched for the World Cup that shoppers have compared to a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

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Yours for £3, the accessory has a large St George’s Cross with the world “England” and a triangular white hood.

Members of the white-supremacist KKK were known for wearing white robes with distinctive pointed hats at meetings, cross burnings and lynchings to disguise members’ identities.

After the wearable flag was spotted on sale, shoppers took to Twitter to make the unsavoury comparison.

One person called the flag “klantastic” and many called for it to be removed from sale.

The description on Asda’s website simply says: “Support England in the world cup with this unique wearing flag!”

The controversial wearable flag.

A spokeswoman said the supermarket chain had also produced a wearable Brazilian flag ahead of the competition, which starts next month

She added: “We know there's chatter on Twitter about our wearable World Cup flags, but it's simply a flag with a hood - nothing more, nothing less.

"We opted for a hood on our wearable England and Brazilian flags as you never know what the British weather will bring.

"We want customers to get behind the team without getting wet.”

By the looks of these comments, some people would rather brave a downpour...