Bonhof may quit as U-21 coach after Whittaker error

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Bonhof, who arrived with Berti Vogts, has vowed to launch a full investigation and to discuss the mix-up with Walter Smith when they return from Norway tomorrow. But the highly rated coach is prepared to face the consequences if the blame lies with him.

"Normally this kind of thing can't happen," said Bonhof. "I don't know if it was my fault but that is what we need to find out. Let's wait until then before anyone starts asking if I am considering my position.

"I have spoken to Walter and we have decided to keep the matter off [until tomorrow]. It's best to get the game out of the way because we don't want anything to detract from that. We have an important match. It's a vital game [tonight for the senior side] and Walter needs only to look at that. We will investigate the matter when we get back because this is not the time.

"We all need to find out what went wrong because clearly this should not have happened. It's no use blaming people now or pointing the finger.

"We don't have all the facts so we can't act on what went wrong."

Bonhof has apologised to his players, who faced Norway last night, and the fans who watched their great performance against Italy.

"It's a deeply embarrassing situation and I feel sorry for the players," he added. "I have spoken with the boys and apologised and I would also apologise to the fans."

l Fifa has potentially set a precedent for overruling refereeing decisions after ordering the World Cup qualifying play-off between Uzbekistan and Bahrain to be replayed. Fifa ruled that the referee made a "technical error" in disallowing an Uzbekistan penalty because an attacking player encroached into the area and then awarding Bahrain a free-kick instead of a retake.