Brazil vs Germany 2014 World Cup: Punter in New Zealand bet on 1-7 scoreline

So the result wasn't entirely unexpected

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Who would have predicted last night's 7-1 scoreline? A person from New Zealand it would seem.

A betting firm has revealed that either one very lucky, incredibly talented fortune teller or someone with access to the Delorean placed a $2 bet on Germany beating Brazil by the incredible scoreline.

Placed at odds of 250:1, the bet landed the gambler $500.


The Australian betting site TAB, with which the bet was placed, told The National Business Review that 9,700 others gambled on the exact score without success.

Another story of a fan placing a bet on the 7-1 scoreline with Samir Khedira to score at any time has also been doing the rounds after the below image appeared on the internet.



It's suggested that a $20 bet was placed at odds of 2319/1 meaning a return of $46,380. A stunningly confident bet, and without verification from bookmakers, in all likelihood a faked one.