Copa America 2015 final: Lionel Messi given cheeky 'ET' warning citing 'finger in anus' incident

Satirical magazine gives the Argentina star a warning ahead of Saturday's final with Chile

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Lionel Messi beware!

The man many think is the current greatest player on the planet has been issued with a cheeky warning by a Chilean satirical magazine ahead of the Copa America final between Argentina and Chile on Saturday night.

With a picture of ET on it's front cover, The Extra-Terrestrial is pictured holding up his famous digit which has been doused in red paint, the colours of Argentina's opponents. The image is accompanied by the words 'Preparate Messi', which translates as 'Get ready Messi'.



The front cover of The Clinic appears to be a reference to the quarter-final incident involving Chile defender Gonzalo Jara and Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani. In the fractious match, Jara inserted a finger into his opponent's anus.

Gonzalo Jara pokes Edinson Cavani in his bottom


The inexplicable actions provoked Cavani into earning a red card, helped Chile to advance 1-0 and earned Jara a two-match ban.

So whilst suspension means Jara won't be taking part in Saturday's final in Santiago, according to The Clinic, it seems that Messi could still do with eyes in the back of his head.