England v Chile: Rickie Lambert fired up by alleged Alexis Sanchez 'soft' comments

Barcelona have since denied the winger had made these quotes

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Rickie Lambert has responded to comments reportedly made by Chile forward Alexis Sanchez that England players enjoy a culture of having it easy. Barcelona, Sanchez’s club, plus his agent, have denied that the 24-year-old had made these remarks however.

Sanchez, who comes from a poverty-stricken background, had been quoted as saying in an interview with a British daily newspaper that England players are "soft" because of their pampered lifestyles.

Speaking ahead of Chile's visit to Wembley on Friday, Sanchez had been quoted: "I learned to be tough, and you can only learn that if you grow up in the environment [I grew up in].

"England or other European teams they did not grow up in an environment like that, but having everything so easy made them soft."

England striker Lambert welcomed the barb.

He said: "You can't really buy motivation like that to be honest.

"It is his opinion, and we will take it on board and we will be looking forward to the game on Friday."