Giuly attacks Domenech over Cup snub

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Ludovic Giuly thinks Raymond Domenech lacks respect, and Nicolas Anelka says the France coach tried to humiliate him.

Both Giuly and Anelka were not selected by Domenech for the June 9-July 9 World Cup in Germany.

Giuly told sports daily L'Equipe that he would not join the squad even in an emergency.

"If there is an injury, tough luck for him (Domenech)," Giuly said.

Giuly played in FC Barcelona's 2-1 win over Arsenal on Wednesday, adding a European Cup medal to the two Spanish league titles.

"The worst thing is, that no one called me to tell me to be ready in case (of injury)," Giuly said. "Domenech's not even capable of that. So on Monday, I will go on holiday to Australia for a month.

"The essential thing is to speak to the players," Giuly added. "He (Domenech) did not do it. I'm not a piece of excrement. I deserve more respect."

When announcing his squad, Domenech said he chose the players partly for their experience in big matches.

"I matched the criteria for selection," Giuly said. "You needed experience, to accept staying on the bench, to play for a big club, play well in big matches. I did all that with Barcelona. Either I have misunderstood or Domenech should change his speech."

Anelka, who plays for Fenerbahce, told Le Journal du Dimanche that although Domenech recalled him in November against Costa Rica, he had not planned on using him at the World Cup.

"As usual, I am not judged according to my playing ability," said Anelka, who also missed out on the 1998 and 2002 World Cups. "I get the impression Domenech called me up just to tear me down after. Unfortunately for him, I scored (against Costa Rica). I think he never had the intention of taking me (to Germany). I deserved to go."