Harry Redknapp gives confused interview after Jordan win 8-0

Redknapp saw his new side win 8-0 in first game in charge

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Former Premier League manager Harry Redknapp won't be anymore pleased with how his first match in charge of Jordan panned out.

Redknapp, who managed West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur and Queens Park Rangers in England's  top flight, saw his side run out 8-0 winners over Bangladesh, thanks to a hat-trick from Hamza Al-Dardour.

So far, so good. 

The problems started after the game, when Redknapp was approached by a reporter for some words.

Redknapp doesn't speak Arabic and the reporter clearly doesn't speak very good English.

What transpires is an interview full of confusion, Redknapp doing that English thing we're we speak loudly and slowly and the former Premier League boss accidentally turning his back to the camera.

He even goes off on a rant about Prince Ali when he misunderstands one of the questions.

Watch it here: 

The transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity (and laughs)

Reporter, brushing off Redknapp after an attempted cuddle: [What did you make of the performance?]

Redknapp, voice raised, arms spread wide: "Very good performance. I've been very impressed with the players in training, playing. They are good boys. You have some very good players in Jordan. Jordan football, the future is good."

Reporter, trying to get Redknapp to face the camera: [What about the next game?]

Redknapp, with his back to the camera: "Tough game, tough game but we look forward to it. We travel tonight and we look forward to the game."

Reporter: [Ineligible] word that sounds like 'Ali' [ineligible again]

Redknapp, finally realising he is on camera: "Prince Ali is a special man, a fantastic man, he's here to support the team. He loves football. He loves football, he's a great man you know."

Reporter: [Something about the captain] use of the word 'uh' 

Redknapp: "Uh?"

Reporter: [Ineligible. Something about the captain and a message for the players]

Redknapp: "The players were very, very good it was a good performance today. You have a lot of very good players in Jordan. The future is good."