How the world sees it: 26/06/2010

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La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Italy

'Italy go home in shame'

The team is on its way home. In the end the team was more painful than the result. Outclassed until the last 15 minutes. It is very urgent to renew the squad. Untouchable players like Buffon and Pirlo and the insertion of players such as Ranocchia, Matri, Bonucci, Cassano, Balotelli, Miccoli. The new Italy will make his debut on 11 August 2010.

Bild, Germany

'England, we'll beat you'

On Sunday the classic match will once again kick off in South Africa. Winning against the island-kickers is our favourite victory.England, we'll beat you! Rooney poses no threat for us! We are looking forward for his ninth game without a goal! Our offensive-star Lukas Podolski stokes the fires in advance: "That'll be a wicked game. England is a wicked opponent!" In advance of the World Cup, the Brits had to take a defeat. They wanted to set up their camp in the Velmore Grande Hotel, but the German Football Association was quicker than the English – and now we're preparing in luxury five-star accommodation for victory on Sunday.