Leon Osman has been 'carrying' Everton this season claims David Moyes

Everton manager delighted with midfielder's call up to England squad

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David Moyes believes Leon Osman has earned his place in the England squad because the midfielder has been ‘carrying’ Everton this season.

Osman could add to the cap that he earned against Sweden in November last year if he plays in the upcoming games against San Marino and Montenegro.

Moyes believes the 31-year-old is finally getting the recognition he deserves: "I am delighted for him because he has been one of the players who has carried us for a lot of the season, he really has. Yes, at times he has dipped under his best like all players will do, but so far this season he has been very good.

"It's good that Roy's continued to pick him because he was first picked at a time when he was really in top form [against Sweden in November] but it's been tough for Leon because for a lot of the season he's been the one who's carried the team.

"His performances have been excellent. Whatever we've asked him to do - we've asked him to do different jobs at times - he's done it, he's come up with some important goals and he's had his best season at Everton for me.

"He's been exceptional and I'm delighted he's been given another call up by England."

Speaking to everton.co.uk, Moyes expressed his concern over the number of games Osman has played this season.

"Ossie, if you were being fair would probably be the one who, if anyone, could probably do with a week off just now because he's played all the games.

"He's been doing all the fetching and carrying for the team and he's taken a lot of the burden in terms of responsibility this season. We just hope he can keep that going for another couple of months."