Luis Suarez leaves the 2014 World Cup...

...Luis Suarez, the Honduras coach of course

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Luis Suarez says he leaves the World Cup with a "clean soul and conscience". But that's Luis Suarez, the Honduras coach talking, not the controversial Uruguay striker who shares his name.


After Honduras were defeated by 3-0 Switzerland on Wednesday night, their third defeat of the tournament, Suarez resigned, conceding that he should have done his job better.

UPDATE: Luis Suarez banned for nine matches

Following the loss, the Colombian decided to leave his post as Honduras coach, and said: "I'm sorry I didn't manage more. I'm sad because I had a dream about this World Cup.

"I'm leaving with a good conscience. I don't think this is a defeat.

"I leave with a clean soul and conscience thinking I gave my best."


His namesake, the Uruguay forward, is expected to find out his fate today on what disciplinary action Fifa will take against him for his alleged bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay's 1-0 Group D victory on Tuesday.