Malta's national anthem replaced with Linkin Park's Numb at Slovakia match

You had one job, sound man

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For 0.7 seconds the Maltese national anthem became Linkin Park's Numb yesterday, when the song was accidentally played ahead of Malta's friendly with Slovakia.

You could maybe forgive the person whose job it is to play the national anthems for accidentally blasting the Slovakian anthem or a stadium announcement, but no, they somehow lined up a 2003 American nu metal track.

Admittedly the error was caught incredibly quickly and the Maltese anthem was quickly substituted in, but Numb's intro was unmistakable and even raised a chuckle from one of Malta's players on the pitch.

Maybe Malta should just embrace Numb, those stately brass-based anthems always feel a little tired anyway, and start wearing three quarter-length jean shorts during matches.

For the record, sound guy, this is Malta's national anthem:

And this is Linkin Park 'Numb':