World Cup 2014: Poor performance leaves bitter taste as South Korea team pelted with sweets on return from disappointing campaign in Brazil

Video: After managing just a single point at the World Cup, the 2002 semi-finalists were pelted with taffy by one angry fan at Seoul airport

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The England team may feel embarrassed and forlorn after their dismal showing at the World Cup in Brazil but at least when they arrived home they were met with an empty tarmac and no baying mob.

After taking just one point from their opening three games and finishing last in their group (just like England), the South Korean football team arrived back in Seoul earlier than they would have hoped.

The South Korean football team, while only ranked 57th in the world by Fifa, carries a large weight of expectation back home after their brilliant run in the tournament in 2002, when the Korean Republic hosted the World Cup jointly with neighbours Japan. They lost in the 2002 semi-final 1-0 to Germany.

Thus, losses to Algeria and Belgium and a draw with Russia were ultimately not good enough for one particular fan who decided to greet the team as they returned home from South America.

As the team lined up for a photo, a disgruntled fan threw taffy at the players. The term "eat taffy" in the Korean Republic is sometimes used as an insult.


The disappointing performance by the team has led head coach Hong Myung-bo to question his future. Myung-bo was the captain of the successful 2002 World Cup squad.

"Even though our people sent our players a huge amount of support during the world cup period, we feel very sorry for not being able to repay their support," Myung-bo said. "Our team was not able to succeed because of my shortcomings."