Venezulan TV presenter gets naked and uses breasts to predict group matches at the Copa America... and is surprisingly accurate

We e may have found an heir to Paul the Octopus's crown

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The TV presenters over at Desnudando La Noticia don't know when to stop.

They got naked to wish Venezuela luck before the tournament. They did it again after the team won their opening group match and even when they lost their following two matches.

And throughout the tournament, one presenter has been using her breasts to predict the result of matches.

She's surprisingly reasonable.

Paul the Octopus is long gone, and where plenty have tried and failed to step into the cephalopod's suckery shoes, we may have found an heir to his crown.



Chile vs Ecuador - Prediction: Chile win - correct

Mexico vs Boliva - Prediction: draw - correct

Uruguay vs Jamaica - Prediction: Uruguay win - correct

Argentina vs Paraguay - Prediction: Argentina win - incorrect (draw)

Chile vs Mexico - Prediction: Chile win - incorrect (draw)

Brazil vs Peru - Prediction: Brazil win - correct

Chile vs Bolivia - Prediction: Chile win - correct 

Mexico vs Ecuador - Prediction: Mexico win - incorrect (Ecuador)

Venezuela vs Peru - Prediction: Venezuela win - incorrect (Peru)

Argentina vs Jamaica - Prediction: Argentina - correct

Uruguay vs Paraguay - Prediction: Uruguay - incorrect (draw)

Venezuela vs Brazil - Prediction: draw - incorrect (Brazil win)

Jamaica vs Paraguay - Prediction: Paraguay - correct

Final result: 7/13

We'll be sure to keep an eye on this as the tournament enters the knockout stages on Friday.