We are able to handle any 'rough stuff' says confident Fabregas

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Cesc Fabregas has become used to the rough and tumble of the Premiership during his Arsenal career and so believes England will be wasting their time if they attempt to "rough up" the Spanish in tonight's friendly in Manchester.

"We always try to play football," the midfielder said yesterday. "It will be tough because we know how England can play. But we think we can beat them. If England try to rough us up, we can handle that.

"We all know that England will try to go for the physical aspect because they think we don't like that. But we have a good mix of experienced players, who have been playing in England and the Spanish league, and I think we are capable of coping with that.

"We may try to make a mix of playing nice football on the ground and going for the physical game. Myself and Xabi Alonso are used to it."

Fabregas also talked of his respect for Frank Lampard. "I really admire him for what he did at Chelsea," Fabregas said. "He started off at West Ham and has developed so much as a player. In the last three years he has shown everyone what a great player he is."