World Cup 2014: Brazil fan smashes TV while watching penalty shoot-out...then legs it next door to see the final kick

How not to watch a penalty shoot-out

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Penalty shoot-outs are a tense time for everyone, but it all got too much for this Brazil fan during their recent spot-kick success against Chile.

The supporter, Rafael Gambarim, was so overcome with emotion while watching the ending to the thrilling last 16 tie he banged his fist against the TV after Julio Cesar saved from Alexis Sanchez to maintain Brazil's 1-0 lead in the shoot-out, and then had to quickly find somewhere else to watch the final spot-kicks.

“I was annoyed because he [Sanchez] scored [Chile’s first-half] goal against Brazil, and when he missed, I was elated. When they showed him I said: ‘Take that boy!’” Gambarim told news portal G1.

“There was a lot of emotion at the time.”


Despite smashing the set, Gambarim said the broken TV was the last thing on his mind with such a crucial match on, and his thoughts soon turned to one thing: Where could he watch the remainder of the match?

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“TV, what TV? The problem was the penalties! We can always buy another TV, but we had to find a place to watch,” he said.

The 30-year-old from the city of Umuarama then ran to the house next door, where his neighbour agreed to let him and his cousins watch the rest of the match, which Brazil went on to win 3-2 on penalties.