World Cup 2014: Facebook picks its squad to triumph in Brazil

If Facebook was a nation, and likes warranted selection, who would appear in a world's best 23

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Ever wondered what squad Facebook would take to the 2014 World Cup if it were a country? No, me neither. But what if a world’s best squad was picked for the upcoming tournament that was based solely on fan popularity, and more accurately, how many likes their Facebook pages have?

The usual suspects all feature, but the old rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi rages on as the two head the squad with a combined 126m likes. But two men don’t make a squad, and even the all-conquering world of Facebook will have a difficult time in Brazil with just two players.

So here is the squad of 23, made up predominantly of Spanish, German, Brazilian, Argentinian and Uruguayan players (and a sole Englishman even sneaks in!) that we feel can go on to World Cup glory.


Do you agree? Leave your opinion on whether this squad would be able to gel together or if there are too many egos to cope with in one squad.