World Cup 2014: Paul Pogba posts the last of his bizarre cartoons as France head for exit

Pogba's Twitter page has been one of the most entertaining of the World Cup

France have exited the World Cup and the loss of Paul Pogba represents a double blow for football fans.

Not only will the graceful midfielder's skills on the pitch be missed, but the 21-year-old has one of the most entertaining Twitter feeds of any player to take part in the tournament.

The account which is run by his mother and two brothers - or The Pogba Family as they are called - features cartoon previews of the Juventus midfielder dressed up in various costume.

During the World Cup he has been Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, James Bond Indiana Jones and Wolverine from X-Men.

Just before start of the quarter-final against Germany, the former Manchester United man was mocked up as Goku from Dragon Ball.

The cartoons have allowed him to win the most Twitter followers since the tournament began - his account has grown by more than 500 per cent since Brazil 2014 kicked off and is now up to 884,000 followers.

Here are some of the best cartoons...

Dressed as Dragon Ball character Goku, Paul 'has the will to win'.

Victory against Nigeria delights Pogba's mother.

'Paulverine is ready for combat' against Nigeria in the last-16.

'Paul Jones on his way to adventure.'

A 5-2 win over Switzerland is cause for celebration.

'Paul Bond is ready for his mission #007.'

The Pog Family is ready for #starwars'

Finally, the people behind The Pog Family. We hope to see them return next season.