World Cup 2014: The best commentary so far? Argentine commentator breaks down in tears after Angel di Maria goal

Pablo Giralt was unable to control himself during Argentina's win over Switzerland

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In England, we have the dull drawl of Phil Neville. In Argentina, they have Pablo Giralt.

Other nations are famed for their overly-excitable commentators. Viral videos of should-be-professional experts losing the plot and shouting GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL are one of the many joys that comes with a World Cup.

But for Pablo Giralt, it was all too much when Argentina beat Switzerland. Lionel Messi's team were taken to extra-time by their European opponents and with the game seemingly destined for the lottery of penalties, Angel di Maria swept in a winner.

Commentating for DIRECTV Sports, Giralt went wild, performing the usual GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL routine three times. Amid such joy and relief, Giralt's voice can then be heard breaking into tears.

Listen to the commentary...


Thankfully his co-commentator was on hand to take over and bring some sense of order to proceedings.