World Cup 2014: Thierry Henry believes this France side will win trophies

Former World Cup winner impressed with current squad

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Former France and Arsenal star Thierry Henry has lavished praise on the current French squad, saying he believes they "have the quality to do well and lift trophies."

The former World Cup winner, who is currently in Brazil as a BBC pundit, believes that the current French could go on to do great things, and should be looking to win this tournament.

"When you play in a World Cup, you never know if you’ll get the chance to do it again. I had the opportunity to play in four, so it probably seems a bit strange to say that, but you have to approach each one as if it’s your last.”

Henry also laughed at the difference in national opinion surrounding this squad compared to the French side at the 2010 World Cup.

“I think love is generated by winning matches," he said.

“When you’re not winning, the bond isn’t quite so strong, if it exists at all. Things become much tougher when love is involved - when it’s work-related, or something like that, things normally have a way of sorting themselves out. But love is different, as it can transform into hate. But that’s life.”


Henry also had special praise for France and Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane: “He’s composed, and already plays like a defender with a ten-year career under his belt. I don’t think people are talking about him enough. It’s quite unusual to be so mature at such a young age.”