World Cup Web: 19/06/2010

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World Cup Stickup

Football tournaments of yesteryear are synonymous with sticker collections and, with World Cup Stickup, not only can you join the stars as you create an online sticker of yourself, you can become them too!

Adorn your features with that infamous Waddle mullet from Italia '90 or that Charlton comb-over from '66. If you're feeling especially brave, the infamous Keegan perm is also available, along with the dreaded Peter Beardsley look...

Studs Up

Let's face it, when you grew up you loved comics. Now as an adult, you love football. Thankfully, artist Chris Toy has combined the two with this topical online comic strip. Described as a "football humour webcomic" this website is ideal for wasting away the hours between games, as Toy provides anecdotes and up-to-date cartoons as the tournament unfolds.