WWE Smackdown Results: Bray Wyatt qualifies for the Money in the Bank ladder match as Seth Rollins continues his betrayal of The Shield

Band News Barrett also squared off against Roman Reigns

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The action got underway with Jey Uso taking on Erick Rowan to further their feud in the tag team division. Jey was accompanied by his partner Jimmy and Rowan made his way to the ring with Luke Harper. Rowan was knocked over the ropes to the outside as soon as the match started, which followed by huge over the top dive by Jey. Rowan was unable to get any consistent offence on his opponent but managed to execute a thunderous side slam on the Uso for the win.

The remaining members of The Shield made their way through the crowd to address their animosity towards The Authority. Dean Ambrose said that he will turn the tables on Triple H and will shut down his former partner Seth Rollin’s business down for good. Roman Reigns then got on the microphone and said that he will get his hands on Orton is a spoilt little brat who gets everything from his “Daddy” Triple H since he didn’t even have to qualify for the ladder match. Triple H then appeared on the screen and made a Money in the Bank qualifying match between Ambrose and Bray Wyatt for later in the show. Triple H then told Reigns that he has some bad news as he had to face Bad News Barrett next.

Reigns was in control for most of the match and hit the Samoan drop on Barrett and continued the attack with a leaping clothesline in the corner. Reigns looked like he was going to pin Barrett as he hit his Superman punch and signalled for the spear but 3MB made their way to the ring to attack Reigns. 3MB stomped on Reigns in a manner that The Shield used to but Reigns managed to fight back and throw all three members over the ropes. Jinder Mahal was flung over the announce table and Drew McIntyre received a massive spear. Heath Slater looked to jump on Reigns from the steps but Reigns countered with a mid-air spear to finish off 3MB in what would be their last appearance together as Mahal and McIntyre were released this week.

Bo Dallas made his way to the ring to face R-Truth in a bid to continue his acclaimed winning streak since his re-debut last month. Dallas seemed to enjoy Truth’s rap as he bopped his head and mimicked his adlibs to the dismay of the veteran. Truth hit a heel kick on Dallas and followed with a falling facebuster to signal for the scissor kick. Bo dodged Truth’s finisher and countered into the “Bo-dog” for the three count before smiling with glee and conducting a lap of honour.

Brawl for All

Paul Heyman introduced his client Cesaro who decided that he was only going to speak Swiss German during this promo. Heyman translated for Cesaro who started off by saying that Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. “The King of Swing” was annoyed at Sheamus for bringing an inside cradle wrestling move to a fight and said that tonight there will be no technical moves when they face off. Sheamus made his way to the ring and the two prepared for a brawl. The fight went back and forth with a series of hard-hitting strikes but in the end Cesaro used an inside cradle of his own for the win.

Adam Rose entered the Arena with the “Exotic Express” to take on Fandango who was accompanied by his girlfriend Layla. The match was over in less than two minutes as Rose hit his “Party Foul” finisher on Fandango and made his way back up the ramp partying with his comrades. The camera then focused on a party member dressed as a chicken who entered the ring to unmask and reveal that it’s Summer Rae. Summer attacked Layla and the two brawled across the mat before Fandango pulled Layla out of the ring. The Divas division is really heating up with multiple storylines revolving around the sector.

Big E locked up with Jack Swagger who had Zeb Coulter ringside with him in a match that was disrupted by the arrival of Lana. Lana spoke about Vladimir Putin, which caused Coulter to be alarmed and walk towards the ramp as the two in the ring were groggy on the mat. Coulter told Lana to get away from the ring and reluctantly Rusev’s manager walked up the ramp as “The Real American” dusted off his hands. Back in the ring Big E hit the “Big Ending” on Swagger for the victory. We could be seeing a new rivalry between the right-winged Americans Coulter and Swagger and the pro-Russian Lana and Rusev.

Alicia Fox took on Aksana next following Fox’s humiliation on her former partner on Raw where she attacked after losing to Paige. Fox locked a submission headlock but Aksana was able to break free and push Fox into the corner. Fox responded with an arm bar into leg scissors finisher for the win. This would also be Aksana’s last match in WWE as she was released on Thursday as part of WWE’s mass cleanout. Fox celebrated in her usual bizarre fashion with cartwheels and over the top gloating as the commentators urged for her not to come to the announce table.

Battle Of The Trash Talkers

The Money in the Bank qualifying match between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose main evented Smackdown as the two cryptic personalities locked up. Ambrose connected with the suicide dive and rolled back in the ring for a two count on Wyatt. “The Eater of the Worlds” hit back with his running senton for another two count to which Ambrose returned with the “Dirty Deeds”. Rollins appeared and stood on the announce table to distract Ambrose who chased him back in the ring but Wyatt intervened with the “Sister Abigail” and pinned the Shield member to qualify for the ladder match.

We now have Alberto del Rio, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Cesaro and now Bray Wyatt confirmed for the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There’s still a few more to be confirmed, which will likely be taken up by the likes of John Cena and Roman Reigns to continue their rivalry with the Authority and the Wyatts respectively. This was another strong Smackdown to continue a good run and it has set up a batch of new angles for Raw on Monday night.