Alfredo Di Stefano dead: Video of the football legend in action

Five-time European Cup winner has died aged 88

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Alfredo Di Stefano is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, thanks largely to his exploits at Real Madrid.

Winning an unbelievable five European Cups on the trot, between 1956-1960 - a feat made even more impressive by the fact that he scored in each final.

He also represented Argentina, his country of birth, as well as Spain and Colombia in international football, although did not play in a World Cup.

However a large section of football fans today never got to see him grace a football field and with his career obviously spent decades before the generation of ubiquitous Youtube highlight footballers, there is little video of his impressive career.

Despite that, some footage of Di Stefano does exist, although obviously not in the multi-angle HD quality that a legend of his calibre could come to expect now from whoever knocks up those Youtube montages.

See below to see Di Stefano in action...

Watch him in action for the Rest of the World against England in 1963

His death has already been mourned by many of football's biggest names.