Arsenal legend Thierry Henry says goodbye to New York Red Bulls a Spurs hat

Relax Gunners' supporters, it is not what it seems

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Here is Arsenal legend Thierry Henry saying goodbye to his New York Red Bulls team-mates, wearing an unthinkable piece of apparrel...a Spurs bobble hat!

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But, fear not Gunners' supporters, it is not those Spurs, it showing his support for the NBA side San Antonio Spurs.

The 37-year-old Frenchman could have played his last game of football after announcing his departure from the MLS team this week, but Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is confident he will return to the Emirates one day in a some kind of capacity.

Henry scored a record 228 goals for the club in two spells between 1999 and 2007, and January 2012.

VIDEO: Henry says goodbye to New York team-mates

"He is an Arsenal man," Wenger said earlier this week.

"This was the best moment certainly of his life and of his career, was experienced here. Certainly one day he will come back here. In what role I don’t know, that is what he has to think about: what direction he wants to give to his next life."