Bowling themed goal celebration from Venezuela goes viral

Arles Eduardo Flores managed to upstage his own 35-yard screamer with this brilliant celebration

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It can seem as though the powers that be would rather players didn't celebrate goals at all.

Every weekend yellow cards are shown to those who dare show their torso or think it right to get the involved with those in the stands.

So whenever an original celebration comes along it serves as a reminder of why the art of rejoicing after scoring a goal should be defended.

The latest example comes from Venezuela during a Copa Libertadores match (the South American equivalent of the Champions League) between Wanderers of Uruguay and Zamora from Venezuela.

It was a cracking match that saw five goals (Wanderers won 3-2) and five red cards - but the stand out moment was Arles Eduardo Flores' 35-yard screamer and the celebration that followed.

Flores lined up his team-mates like skittles and then bowled the football towards them. With synchronisation worthy of a ballet, his team-mates fell in unison to the floor - a case of one great strike followed by another for Flores.

Watch the video below...


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