Revealed: Chelsea and Millwall fans rated 'worst' in London, according to YouGov poll

While Arsenal and Fulham supporters are rated the best

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Chelsea football club's reputation has taken a battering in recent weeks with supporters allegedly involved in racist incidents on the Paris Metro, in St Pancras station and on a train to Manchester.

And it would seem that these incidents have impacted on public perception to the extent that people now have an almost equally bad impression of Blues fans as they do of Millwall supporters.

Historically, it is the South London club which has a notorious section of fans and a public image problem, but a poll conducted by YouGov found that Londoners who have encountered fans of the capitals' teams rates the fanbases if both teams almost on a par.


However, the findings show that although only 12 per cent of Londoners have encountered Millwall fans, 52 per cent have an impression of them -  suggesting their reputation precedes them.


At the other end of the scale, Fulham and Arsenal fans enjoy the highest approval ratings.