David Beckham: Former England captain rules out Sir Alex Ferguson to manager his Miami franchise

Former player and manager have had a well-publicised falling out

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David Beckham confirmed plans that he will start his own Major League Soccer franchise in Miami today, and he has ruled out one man to manage the team - Sir Alex Ferguson.

The former England captain was asked during the press conference if Ferguson had spoken to him about the venture, and quickly dismissed the idea that he will try and coax the Manchester United great out of retirement.

"Oddly enough no, he didn't call or text me," the 38-year-old said.

While Ferguson was critical of Beckham in his autobiography which came out in the summer, Beckham refused to take the bait to put the boot in to his former boss.

"He's a great manager, he gave me the opportunity to play for my boyhood club," Beckham said. "But unfortunately he's retired, so we wont pull him out retirement."

Ferguson said at the time of his book launch about Beckham, who played for United between 1993 and 2003, that the midfielder began to think he was bigger than the club before he sold him to Real Madrid.

The former England captain played in the MLS for Los Angeles Galaxy between 2007 and 2012, and exercised the option in his deal with the club to acquire his own franchise .

"This is a dream," he said today. "I wanted to create a team we can start from scratch. I know this city is ready for soccer, football, and this is going to be successful. I want to make this my own team. I am going to work hard for this city to make this team very successful. It is an exciting time."

MLS commissioner Don Garber added: "This is the first time in the modern era that an ex-athlete is joint the ranks of owner.

"As a player and ambassador for MLS he's had an amazing impact on our league.

"He helped motivate champions like Thierry Henry come to the MLS."

Watch the full press conference from Miami below