Eric Cantona buys a share in Bath City as Manchester United legend wants to make the National League South club 'even greater'

Frenchman hopes his contribution will help friend Ken Loach's community buyout scheme

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Former Leeds United and Manchester United star Eric Cantona has pledged to buy a share in Bath City.

The 49-year-old striker-turned-actor plans to contribute to the community buyout scheme which was launched for fans to purchase the club.

Ken Loach, who directed the 2009 film 'Looking For Eric' starring the Frenchman, is an avid supporter of the National League South side Bath and so Cantona is keen to give back.


"It's a big challenge to raise the money but don't be scared," Cantona said in a Youtube video posted by the 'Big Bath City Bid' channel.





"I am supporting them and buying a share myself. It is a great club, I saw it for myself. Now, we can make it even greater."

Supporters are hoping to raise between £750,000 to £1.25million for a takeover to become viable and the four-time Premier League winner has given then a boost with his publicity alone.