Five things for Greg Dyke to address at the FA chairman

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Greg Dyke has been appointed as chairman of the FA. Here, Steve Tongue takes a look at his in-tray...

Support the grass roots

The FA is responsible for football at every level, but those working at the grass roots are finding life tougher as hard-pressed local councils ask for big increases in fees for use of pitches and often sub-standard dressing-rooms.

Sort out discipline

The much vaunted "Respect" campaign had limited success and now the FA's own disciplinary system has been widely criticised after the failure to punish Wigan's Callum McManaman this week. On the other hand, Graham Poll and others accuse the governing body of not supporting referees.

Put house in order

Football's poor image and financial problems as much as anything has led to increased threats of a government regulator, which the FA will want to resist. Pressure for an increased number of independent directors may grow.

Rein in the Premier League

Originally it was the FA Premier League, a title then quietly dropped. Now the clubs and their umbrella organisation have so much money and influence that they can act in their own interests rather than the wider game's.

Develop national pride

Just as the Premier League was supposed to help the England team, so clubs need to be convinced to do more for the under-age sides, all of whom suffer badly from withdrawals especially at tournament time. 

This article first appeared in The Evening Standard.