Football commentary: When Gary met Sally


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It wasn't Chelsea snatching the unlikeliest of victories, nor was it Fernando Torres scoring an even less likely goal. The real talking point from Tuesday night's Champions League semi-final was Sky co-commentator Gary Neville's moans of delight after the final goal went in.

"Oaaaaaaaaouohouooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooooh!" it went, Gary's groaning goalgasm ecstasy lasting a full seven seconds. Since dubbed "When Gary met Sally", it elevates him to the pantheon of commentators who have let out questionable moans when a team scores.

A video where Thierry Henry scoring for Arsenal elicits shrill delight from an Arabic commentator has seen nearly half a million views on YouTube ( Then there is Jack van Gelder's celebration of Dennis Bergkamp's goal for the Netherlands against Argentina in 1998 by repeating his name several times before emitting a high-pitched Tarzan noise (

The greatest range of emotions belong to Tiziano Crudeli. Whenever his beloved AC Milan score, it's a goalgasm times 1,000, but losing can mean teary-eyed banging on the table (