Heard of Liam Ying and Win Ding Youup? Chelsea fans tricked into fake transfer rumours by one sneaky Manchester United supporter

United fan and YouTube presenter Andrew Ryan took to the streets of west London with the aim of duping Blues supporters into discussing transfer talk about players who don't exist

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Chelsea fans have been treated to a wealth of big-name signings since Roman Abramovich took control of the club in 2003, but it seems the latest crop of stars heading to Stamford Bridge may have gone to their head.

For one cheeky Manchester United fan, in collaboration with sports radio broadcasters TalkSPORT, took to the streets of west London to quiz Blues supporters on those linked with a move to Chelsea this season. However, none of the names mentioned actually exist.

To make matters worse, the names created are actually anagrams of clues that gave away the presenters game. Yet when he asked if they had been impressed by what they’ve seen from young Crewe Alexandra left-back Liam Ying (otherwise known as I Am Lying) fans decided that he was full of pace with a good cross, and would fit the mould of the Chelsea squad.

Presenter Andrew Ryan, from Manchester United’s YouTube channel Full Time Devils, then proceeded to progress from Win Nowt (Win Nothing) to Win Ding Youup (Winding You Up) and finally Deanio (No Idea) to whether fans would fall for his sly trick.

But when Ryan rolled out the ace up his sleeve, Lugi Bell (Gullible) there was one trio of Blues supporters who were already wise to his game. Sussing that he was not only winding them up, they also hit the nail on the head that he was working with the radio station, and thankfully saved the Chelsea fans from a complete whitewash of lies.

You can watch the video below, and many others at http://www.youtube.com/user/FullTimeDevils