James Lawton: Is Luxemburgo a Real saviour or a new clown?

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The new coach of Real Madrid is either a buffoon or a genius. There are two clear schools of thought, but one thing is certain.

As the fourth leader of the great Spanish club in less than a year, the Brazilian Wanderly Luxemburgo has little more chance of success than his motley collection of predecessors.

Club president Florentino Perez, founder of the absurd galactico system, explains away past failures by saying that the club ended last season poorly and has recently been suffering from a "block" - perhaps through pressure.

No, not pressure, but the football illiteracy that ultimately selling souvenir shirts is more important than fashioning a real team. It is maybe the over-riding point of justice in the football year that Barcelona have so brilliantly eclipsed their bitter rivals.

Barça it was who invested in the beautiful talent of Ronaldinho, a decision that has transformed the club.

Perez and his market specialists deemed Ronaldinho simply not pretty enough to join the cast of all-stars. Bueno Suerte Wanderley, but don't be too quick to unpack your bags.