John Terry: 'Jose Mourinho can go ballistic at half-time, tables will go over, water bottles flying...even if we are winning 3-0'

The manager is a master at keeping the players on their toes

Chelsea captain John Terry has revealed that manager Jose Mourinho's reactions are unpredictable at half-time. sometimes going "ballistic" if they are winning 3-0, and sometimes acting calmly at the break if they are losing and not playing well.

The League Cup winners are closing in on the Premier League title, and Terry has admitted Mourinho always keeps the players on toes.

"Sometimes you're losing a game at half-time, which doesn't happen often at this club, and you expect to come in and get a rollicking," Terry said.

"But you come in and the manager is calm, collected, the complete opposite. He's like, "Listen, we're going to win the game. We're going to get an early goal" and he talks you through it."


"Other times you'll be winning 2-0 or 3-0 and you'll come in happy at half-time and he'll go ballistic," Terry told Chelsea Pitch Owners. "Tables will go over, bottles of water will go flying. You think 'where's that come from?'

"But you go out for the second half and win the game 5-0 rather than scraping through 3-1, 3-2. "He knows when players take their foot off the gas. He can sense something before the game. He just gets a feel for everyone and every single game. And I look at that and think no one else has got that that I've experienced."