Manchester United fan in Hong Kong changes his name to 'Man United Dick Law'

Law changed his name to show his 'life dedication' to the club

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It's often said that the modern day supporter will go to extraordinary lengths to prove their loyalty to their club.

Your stereotypical 'fanatic' endures costly away trips to far-away fields, immerses themselves in the club's history, and will follow their club to the very end, perhaps at the expense of their personal relationships.

That, however, is not good enough for Dick Law, or should we say, 'Man United Dick Law'.

Law, a Manchester United fan from Hong Kong, has legally changed his name by deed poll in dedication to his club.

The bizarre story emerged after a photo, posted on Facebook, showed Law's application for a Chinese identity card with the words 'Man United' added to his forename.

According to a translation, Law changed his name to show his 'life dedication' to the Premier League side, as well as his 'romantic spirit', whatever that means.

Law, however, has some way to go before he matches the commitment shown by the infamous John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood, who legally changed his name in 1989.

Westwood, not content on simply being named after his club, has also covered his body in around 60 Pompey tattoos and engraved the club's initials into his teeth.