Mario Gotze boot: German's World Cup-winning left boot raises an astonishing €2m for charity

Midfielder's boot still had mud on it from the Maracana pitch

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Mario Gotze's World Cup-winning left boot has been auctioned off for charity, raising an astonishing €2m.

The midfielder donated his Nike boot, the very same one he scored the winning goal with in the World Cup final in July, to raise funds for German charity 'A Heart for Children'.

It was the left foot of Gotze that struck the crucial goal in the 113th-minute for Germany in their 1-0 triumph over Argentina at the Maracana in Rio.

Gotze never cleaned the historic boot, which raised €2m (£1.6m) in a gala for the German charity.

"I have never washed the boot. It is still in the same condition as it was in Rio, when I left the stadium with it," the Bayern Munich star told Bild.


"There is still grass on it. I have never put the boot on after the final. I kept it safe at my house."

Charity treasurer Niko Knochenhauer added: "I would not have dreamed . Two million - that's a huge sum . The good thing is that it is for a good cause... and not just for the shoe."