Must watch: Hilarious own goal scored by hapless amateur in Greece

They don't get much more embarrassing than this

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When Christoph Kramer of Borussia Moenchenglabach lobbed the ball into his own net from 45 metres at the weekend, we thought we'd seen what would be the most embarrassing own goal of the season.

But we were wrong.

Footage has emerged from an amateur game in Greece showing an own goal that wouldn't look out of place in a sketch show.

It came during a match between Cretan teams Dorieas and AS Garipa last month. Having seen a shot strike one post, travel along the line and hit the other, a Garipa defender couldn't believe his luck that he had the chance to clear the ball from the line.

But his attempted clearance was a calamity of epic proportions.

Watch the own goal below...


The reaction of the player, lying face down in the goal, and those of his team-mates with their hands on their heads said it all. This one will surely be the worst own goal we see this season.

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