Neil Warnock: Leaving Palace for QPR was really tough

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You will know by now I am making the short trip (only about two hours by car) across London from Crystal Palace to QPR.

Leaving a club in administration for one with huge potential must look an easy decision but it has been one of the most difficult of my career, and there's been a few. The reason I am sad, as well as excited, is that of all the clubs I have been at the fans at Crystal Palace have been the best.

It's easy to say, but I'm not just saying it because I'm leaving. The support they have given me and the players during a very difficult few months, and beforehand, has been fantastic and it is something I will never forget. As everyone knows, I'm a northerner, and we all think that's the only hotbed of football, but after managing Palace I know better.

It is hardly a secret that QPR have been after me for a while. It's nice to be wanted and they made it clear I was their only choice which is a fantastic vote of confidence. They would not take "no" for an answer. But although I had been advised I could have just walked out on Palace I did not want to sell them short and the reason this has gone on so long is that I wanted both clubs to be in agreement before I moved.

I owe a lot to Palace. They have rekindled my enthusiasm for management. If it was not for Simon Jordan there is no way I would have come to London (and realised it's not such a bad place after all) and regained my desire to get back in to the Premier League.

QPR is a great challenge, the type I revel in. It has been a poisoned chalice for many managers recently but with new people taking over I feel I can give them the stability I know the fans and players have been craving. It is a club with a great tradition and a ground I’ve always enjoyed going to. All I can promise is all I ever promise: I’ll do my best.