Scotland away kit: Pink and yellow strip receives mixed reception

Some have asked if the kit, which will be worn during qualification for Euro 2016, is a joke

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Combining pink and yellow is something of a risk.

Few try it, and those that do tend to be confectionery makers (Fruit Salads, Drum Sticks, Refreshers) or Mr Blobby.

But that hasn't perturbed Scotland, who have unveiled a new away kit featuring those colours.

The inspiration for the Adidas shirt didn't come from a florist though, but Lord Rosebury - the patron of the game in Scotland.

Perhaps it was a period of their history they tried to forget, but Scotland actually wore the colours of Lord Rosebury for three years after the Second World War.

But where does the strip, which will be worn during Scotland's qualification campaign for Euro 2016, fit in among the worst ever strips seen in sport? Check out the gallery below to see some other contenders...


A spokesman for the West of Scotland Tartan Army was quoted by the Mirror, giving his take on the reaction: "There's mixed reviews of the strip and it has completely divided opinion."

Hamish Husband added: "Some love it and some hate it but there doesn’t seem to be anybody who is in between.scotland-kit.jpg

"It will look great in France - once we qualify - because it looks like a T-shirt."

Here's some more reaction from Twitter...